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The Lest We Forget Museum is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization.

There are many ways that individuals can make a difference at the LWFSM. Whether you choose to visit, gift personal artifacts, become a member or contribute by donation, your generosity enables us to maintain and conserve our collection of historic artifacts; develop and produce new presentations and exhibits, host educational programs; and present inspiring content .

With your assistance we can provide critically important information about a period in history that continues to impact our communities and shape worldwide perceptions and opinions about African Americans and honor the contributions enslaved descendants made in the building of America.

Adults and particularly young people need to learn the information we provide so they can benefit from the lessons slavery provides and master their own destinies.

Make a tax-deductible donation and help us to Preserve the Legacy.


Adopt an Artifact

We always look for the history lovers to adopt any of the artifact they love to help maintain its longevity.

Exhibitions Fund

Maintenance of our regular exhibitions can be costly, we always look for support of our visitors.

Galleries Fund

To keep up the gallery as fresh as always and support the maintenance of our pieces, contribute to the Galleries Fund.

Preferred Amount

Your tax-deductible gift can also be a wonderful way to honor or memorialize someone, while making the museum exhibition possible.

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