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Stop the Violence

Violence in African American communities is at an all timehigh.stop Vio

During slavery, African Americans also suffered from terrible violence, so WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE?

Violence then was at the the hands of OTHERS, violence today it is at the hands of BROTHERS.

This stunning reversal is a vestige of slavery that demonstrates how history does in fact repeat itself.

Our unique pictorial exhibit and compelling oral presentation dramatically compares the violence perpetrated by the Ku Klux Klan during and post slavery with the number of innocent lives lost today as a result of Black on Black Violence.

This “must see” exhibit connects past historic events with the violence occurring today in the African American community.

We encourage Schools, At Risk Youth Programs, Detention Centers, Prisons, etc. to take advantage of this unique opportunity to see how our slave history of the past impacts our present and future.

Our goal is to develop strategies and resources that “STOP THE VIOLENCE.”